Christopher Alan Stanley

Enterprise Solutions Architect

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About us


I started Stanley Networks because I knew there was a change that could be made. I knew that if I could share what I thought was important, to explain why DevOps is vital and how to improve productivity, I could enhance daily operations and increase efficiency. At Stanley Networks we believe in automation, innovation and creation. We pride ourself on being up-to-date with technology. We express value in modern practices such as utilizing API's and big data analytic tools. We combat cyber threats with security information and event management tools such as Splunk. We think that utilizing tools and leveraging them to automate and sustain your environment is the future. The future is now.


Linux (RHEL & Ubuntu)
Storage Administation
API Interfacing
Splunk Clustering and Deployment
LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP)
Bash, Expect, Perl & Python


Social Media